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Storytelling with a heart

A video made by stillmotion does enforces reasons why many photographers like myself moved from still images to moving hearts.

It’s not just capturing an image by anticipating it. It’s about writing the story for that specific audience. From start to end. To move and be moved. Live to tell your story, your vision,  your excitement and your desperation.

It is where dreams are told and retold.

If you wish to join their one day workshop or subscribe to their online course, please do check out http://www.storytellingwithheart.com/



A thief

About half a year ago, I caught a company in Singapore (yes, in Singapore) who took my friend’s wedding video as their own when they weren’t the ones who were hired for the job. The wedding highlights video which would have the actual company’s credits was removed and the audio came onto an abrupt stop without a fade off. Despite the video being uploaded by the company for more than a year, it was uncovered when I was searching around the wedding brides forum then.

Upon noticing the video being not the company who shot it, I notified the people who produced it and they gave a warning to the company who posted it. Trying to ‘steal’ someone else’s work and call it your own would probably invite more trouble to oneself than benefit. If the stolen work is better than what you can produce, you will be giving a false impression to clients that you are able to do something similar for them too. Bad publicity and reputation will be tarnished in the industry if the original producers intend to take legal action. In the above case, the producers of the video decided to let them off while thanking me for letting them know over a meal.

Do justice for your clients and yourself. You can copy camera angles, composition, color style and cuts but not steal their work. You may just be caught if your clients do google the names of the couple of a stolen video that you uploaded to ask for second opinion.

An old friend’s wedding

This is a post dedicated to my friend, Joanna who got married last Saturday and graciously invited me to her wedding reception at her church and dinner banquet at Novotel Singapore. I knew her when I was in Secondary School / High School and we were in the same class for the first 2 years. Even after high school, we kept in touch and I am glad she found her partner in life, Marcus. I wish them all the best in their marriage life and a great adventure ahead.

Marcus Joanna Bennyphoto credit to One Sweet Affair Production

Here is a lovely video of the morning events done up by one of the teams at Alanmitchi which was played during the dinner banquet:

I was also delighted to meet my other friends who were the bridesmaids for Joanna.

Jacqueline, Me and Kaiyun

Me and Lee Wah

All four of my pretty friends have found their partners in life and 2 of them, have already tied the knot. As a wedding filmmaker myself, I am glad that they have gotten wedding videography or have engaged a filmmaker to document their wedding as it is something that they could look back when they grow old and something that their kids and grandchildren will watch together with them. To me, having any form of video capture for a wedding, be it good or bad capture, is better than no capture at all. 

Writing a song is just like editing a video.

Above video is an episode of an original song competition where aspiring song writers stand on a platform to perform their original pieces to 4 great producers to place in their CD. When the song ends, the producers that released the front panel will have to convince the song writer to join him/her to perfect their song.

So how does it goes back to editing a video?

It makes people cry.

One of the song writers, Zhou San did it, http://youtu.be/AMfP51PrZdM?t=34m5s . This song is quoted to be a simple song but if you were to listen it, it is full of emotions and you can fill it from the singer. The story of the song, the loneliness, the helplessness that was felt is enough to imagine in Tanya’s (one out of the four producers) mind.

It goes the same with editing a video or filming one. Have a story. Feel the emotions. And if yours is a sad one, please make us tear be it being a simple story. Even if a wedding is a simple one, if you can bring out the essence by editing it to a suitable song, I’m sure people who knows the couple will be touched in their hearts for the matrimony of 2 hearts. (: