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Wedding Trilogy

Flew over to Kuala Lumpur over the weekend to film a wedding with Alvin. Had a great time with Anthony from Let there be light photography and the wedding planners, Kim and Gloria from Wedding Concierge.

Why a wedding trilogy? Cause it is broken down to 3 parts. The first was the solemnisation at Capella Singapore in Jan 2013.  The next was the dinner banquet at Grand Dorsett Subang, Kuala Lumpur and finally, the last part will be the gatecrash and dinner banquet at St Regis at the end of the month. It is truly my privilege  to be part of their 3 days wedding. I love how the guests react to our videos played during the banquet with joy and happiness for the couple which the team from Alvinadeline made for them.

I also love the couple and their family’s hospitality and attentiveness to our needs during our stay at their hometown in Malaysia. That’s what makes our job as a wedding filmmaker much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Even after the banquet, there were some guests who came to us to tell us that they like the video very much and the editing was excellent. I’m confident that the company will continue to excel in this field and do our best for all our couples. (:

Here’s ending off with a video from my company, not related to the wedding Trilogy though, Derek & Pearl.


Wanna learn Wedding Cinematography?

Check out next week’s www.creativelive.com/live for the 3 day lessons to Wedding Cinematography by Ray Roman from 25 Nov 2013.

Wedding Cinematography Crash Course (image taken from CreativeLive promo video)

For more information, check out the course here: http://www.creativelive.com/courses/wedding-cinematography-crash-course-ray-roman

Mentioned as the top 10 wedding cinematographers in the world, if you are fresh in doing wedding videos, this would be the absolutely must watch.

Sometimes I wonder what happens when the top cinematographers come to Singapore to shoot a typical chinese wedding cause of the extremely harsh lighting in the day and the fast paced schedule unlike those in the west.