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History of Visual Effects

If you like visual effects and is always wonder how much a movie has visual effects, please do have a look at this documentary video.

Industrial Light & Magic – Creating the Impossible


Enter the Hyper Motion Cinema

What is the Hyper Motion Cinema (HMC)?

It is an animation format that is customised to showcase short film content. Currently HMC uses a mix of still photos, visual effects and animation to create the shorts.

For more information on HMC, do check them out at http://www.dsf.la/ . Their studio is at Hollywood.

I found the animated comic of 47 Ronin: The Samurai Spirit, refreshing as it isn’t the marvel style of comic book flipping but with nice switch of moving and still images. Here’s presenting their work with Universal Pictures, 47 Ronin: The Samurai Spirit

and of course, the original film trailer.

Different visual formats to tell a story. I prefer the one done with the Hyper Motion Cinema even though it may give a false impression of the actual finished final film as it does not use the same effects or cuts like the final film but looking at the standpoint of how marvel does their comic flips, I think it is still fine in this aspect. Fresh and interesting. Take your pick and let me know which is your favorite out of the two in terms of presentation.

Wedding Videos with VFX

I met Kelvin at Boracay at our trip to Mayad Academy 5 more than a year ago and he was trying to carve out a niche in the wedding industry in Singapore. Fast forward to today, he has been creating pre-wedding videos like no other with the fanciful special forces uniforms, gun effects, explosions, heroes and a fair share of zombies in them. In his latest edition, he has Marvel super heroes and a handful of X-men mutants fighting for the ring of the Green Lantern.

A pretty lengthy video to be played at the banquet I must say. Love the effects and effort done up by Kelvin and his team. For the bloopers, do catch the below.

If creating wedding videos with effects is what that interest you, do find him at https://www.facebook.com/alanmitchi. Vfx is something that I like and creating wedding videos with them will definitely add to the entertainment value to the banquet. It needs alot of effort and a dedicated team of vfx team to do a very good hollywood blockbuster kind of effects.

For me, incorporating effects into video would be only be used for the added story telling function. Every scene, every cut and every effect needs to tell the audience something. If there isn’t any new information or if it feels like an excess, it may not be as good as omitting it out. If I were to get married (I’m currently single though), I would like to have a film that gives a message to my guests and generations who watches it. Something that may be thought provoking and not necessarily be about how I met my wife to be and got lovey dovey and such. After all, that is what I feel a video should be. To convey a message.

Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World

credit: Marvel
(image credit: Marvel)

If you are intending to catch Loki Thor: The Dark World, do remember to stay till the credits to catch 2 post credits scenes and please leave your seats only when you have seen the words: LOKI Thor will return.

Here’s leaving behind a visual effects video of the first Thor movie by BUF, French visual effects and animation company.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/60239414]

Thor | Visual Effects Making Of from BUF on Vimeo.