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Dîner en Blanc Singapore – the videos reviewed

Diner en Blanc Singapore 2013 happened on the 18 October 2013 at a secret location which was only known to the participants when they arrive to have a great picnic night in white. Going on for the second year round in Singapore, they held it at the Marina Barrage where the first year was held at the Art Science Museum. The 2013 official video filmed by the people from Firewerkz Films (1/6 of the Wedding Cinematography Guild) and TriPeaks Imagery and the 2012 video was filmed by the people at Substance Films.

Facts and figures (taken from Firewerkz Films) to produce the 2013 video:

143Gb of data
18 lens
12 cameras
2 Jibs
2 sliders
2 stabilizers
1 Portacrane
0 lights

Diner en Blanc 2012:

Diner en Blanc 2013:

Key differences between both videos:


1) Lots of dip to black transitions used in post production.
2) Minimum audio used.
3) Plenty of timelapses.
4) Use of aerial camera.
5) Whites seem to be blown, high contrast.
6) Surprise wedding proposal scene.
7) Lights on cameras.


1) Lots of background audio used, added interviews from participants.
2) Few timelapses.
3) Tells a story of people not knowing where the venue is.
4) Colors are flatter, more film like.
5) No use of lights on cameras.

By noting the key differences in each video and having a personal preference to your favourite video out of the two, you would know how or what to go for if you are assign to shoot the event in 2014. More importantly, the budget and the brief set by the client also determines the outcome of the video also. The budget will definitely determine the number of videographer(s) deployed for the event. It will also determine the start time of the filming also.  The brief will tell the videographer(s) what to capture and what to focus on during the event such as interviews or more timelapses. Hence, a good filmmaker will try his best to convince his idea and storyboard of how the video will turn out to be to the client before the start of the event.

Disclaimer: this post does not intend to boast which videography company is better. Instead it aims to educate the readers what they should look out for if they are the client or the person filming the event. That said, I am sure the 2014 video will be better if the budget for the video production remains the same as for 2013.

Here’s leaving behind the fireworks spectacle done by Intermay Magix at the Diner en Blanc Singapore 2013. It was mentioned that this was the first Diner en Blanc event in the world to have the fireworks at the event.