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Anyone needs a filmmaker for their music video?

I feel like participating in this, The Sony Production Awards.


Thinking of doing a music video with a good story and showing it to the world.

Not sure if anyone is interested but, here’s my pitch.

If you have a song that you have written, recorded in a studio and would like to have it on a video, please feel free to contact me and let me know your story, your song and the feel of the video. If it is something that I can do or have deep interest in your song and story, I will be shooting this for you. Please do note that the music video will be used as a piece for the above competition. (Please see terms and conditions at https://productionawards.sony.eu/terms-and-conditions )

Filming will take place about the third week of February 2014.

Please let me know your interest via my line at +65 9277 8599 or email me at perfectweddingfilm@gmail.com