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A Love Story Unfolds – Derek & Joanna

Filmed this short film about a month back and it was played at the lunch banquet of the couple to tell their love story.

Although Filming takes just one day, discussion, pre conceptualisation, story boarding and  post production took about 8 days at my end. This story is what they would want to show, about how they met  at Temasek Polytechnic and got together despite knowing each other presence in school during their polytechnic days, they did not develop a liking for each other until when they met again through a friend when Joanna is in University and Derek had completed his army.

As time was a limiting factor, dialogues were not included in this clip as reciting them would translate into more takes and from the clip, you would be able to know the story without them too.

As true as this story is, the scenes that I included on my own are the traffic light scenes. The first scene was them going their own ways and the last was to signify them getting together.

I hope you enjoy watching the film as I enjoy making it work.


One more day!

In the next 24 hours, I am going to post a short film that I have shot and edited under the brand, True Love Stories. Something that is my kind of style with the parameters given to me.

It is a love story between a couple and how they got together. Do watch out for it!