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Getting things right

Michael Cimino, well known American filmmaker aged 74 known for his Academy award winning film, The deer hunter. Not forgetting his biggest box office bomb after The deer hunter, Heaven’s Gate. I have yet to see the film, Heaven’s Gate but read reviews that it is not a bad piece like critics would have pinned it to be. Michael Cimino was written to be a dictator of a director and that there were killings of animals to make the 1980s film. The original cut was 219 minutes long and the revised cut which was aired much later at a cable TV was at 148 minutes which gave a better rating than the original.

What I found about the quote, “If you don’t get it right, what’s the point?” very true for us filmmakers be it in the wedding industry or any kind of work that we do. If you were to spend hours and hours to do something. Like in the case of Michael Cimino, he overran his budget several times to do a masterpiece which became a flop in box office. He stood by his beliefs at the cost of the ticket sales. Hence, to do anything right in the budgeted time span and cost, one has to first be good in his craft. If you are not good at what you do, why begin in the first place.

Pre-planning and  accounting for the work to be done before execution is also important. If the budget given is only so much to make a film and there’s only XX hours to film it, make full use of it and try your best to make it as right as anyone could have make it to be.

Here’s ending off with a trailer of the movie, Heaven’s Gate.


Good and Bad Cinema

Iranian director, Abbas Kiarostami who directed LIke Someone in Love, a French-Japanese film that competed in the 2012 Cannes Film Festival has the above to say about Good and Bad Cinema. To add, bad cinema may just be shots or cuts that doesn’t make any story flow. No continuity, no meaning to the film. Every shot has no purpose or direction that doesn’t help in the story telling process of the film. Good Cinema doesn’t force you to believe that what you are viewing is real. You just get engross in it and choose to let your imagination run wild while being sink into it.

Advice to Young Filmmakers by Sam Raimi

Samuel M Raimi, American film director known for his work of the Spiderman Trilogy and the recent, Oz the Great and Powerful.

If you continue to make films regardless it being good or bad, as long as you learn from experience and grow from there, you will be a great filmmaker eventually. I guess this also applies in all the things that you are pursuing for also. Keep doing the good work and you will get there.