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I’m very much a Asian Chinese guy. I guess it is not about how my skin color is but however, I stay to remember the words, 饮水思源. It means to remember your roots. If you are a tree bearing fruits, you need to remember the roots that help to provide the nutrients and helped you grow the strong and mighty you today. It didn’t come easy but you made it to be the big tree.

I was asked a year ago and a few months back to join a couple of video production companies, one of which does events highlights videography and the other does primarily wedding videography. Both companies that approached me are doing well and offered me a salary with at least S$1,000 more than what I am earning now, probably close to what I was getting as a finance manager back in the days at the University that I used to work. If I can get paid at a higher rate and do what I like, why not right?

The reason is simple. 饮水思源. Remembering your roots. I believe in this and the brotherhood of gangs that you see in Chinese films like 大上海. I have learnt alot from the company that I am in and am doing well improving and learning each day. I am glad that I am a part of them doing our best to craft the finest filmography. Well, I guess when you remember your roots, it also does show how much loyalty or faith anyone can have on this one person’s character also. That said, if the current predicament is stagnant and I am not growing or happy, I would definitely need to look out for better opportunities and this goes the same for everyone who reads this. It is a kind of responsibility to myself and of course, to continue to pay tribute and gratitude to the people who brought me far.

If you think that you are not growing in the company that you are working for, and not being valued as you should be, make the smart move and move on. Don’t wait till everyone that knows you tell you to. This is your life and have no whatsoever regrets in the path that you choose to take. Live each day and grow stronger, knowledgeable into the better you. Only when you make decisions for yourself, you will start to love life itself.


How can I be a better filmmaker?

Everyone wants to chase their craft be it in painting, writing, dancing, singing, selling properties, photography or even filmmaking.  Most of the time, everyone just want to have the affirmation that they are good enough. That their work is approved by their clients or bosses. Be it in painting an artwork for your client, or singing a song, all of us want the acceptance in life. However, such yearning for acceptance may just be everyone’s downfall. If one continues to work in the craft that is pleasing to everyone and not trying to be bold and creative, we will not be the better artist around.

Stop chasing acceptance but do what you want to do and keep going at it. You will know if the work is good when you see it.

Advice to Young Filmmakers by Sam Raimi

Samuel M Raimi, American film director known for his work of the Spiderman Trilogy and the recent, Oz the Great and Powerful.

If you continue to make films regardless it being good or bad, as long as you learn from experience and grow from there, you will be a great filmmaker eventually. I guess this also applies in all the things that you are pursuing for also. Keep doing the good work and you will get there.

Live Your Dreams!

Even as the sale of CDs keep declining, this almost 13 minute clip of the amazing Mayday shares with the world that if you keep doing what you are doing and persisting in what you live for, you will eventually get there. Of course when you work hard, you will get noticed too. So live your dreams and work hard at what you do! Do not give 50% of your effort in the things that you do but your 100% and more else it will not be worthwhile doing.