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Anyone needs a filmmaker for their music video?

I feel like participating in this, The Sony Production Awards.


Thinking of doing a music video with a good story and showing it to the world.

Not sure if anyone is interested but, here’s my pitch.

If you have a song that you have written, recorded in a studio and would like to have it on a video, please feel free to contact me and let me know your story, your song and the feel of the video. If it is something that I can do or have deep interest in your song and story, I will be shooting this for you. Please do note that the music video will be used as a piece for the above competition. (Please see terms and conditions at https://productionawards.sony.eu/terms-and-conditions )

Filming will take place about the third week of February 2014.

Please let me know your interest via my line at +65 9277 8599 or email me at perfectweddingfilm@gmail.com



The Annual Love Competition

This is a documentary video of using the fMRI machine to determine the amount of love being resonated from each person.

Take a look at the video at this link: http://aeon.co/film/can-you-measure-love-in-an-fmri-machine/

Simple video that starts with the introduction of the contestants, and their strategy for thinking about who they love to increase their results. It ends with the results of the first two winners. Personally, I find the handheld camera shake a little too shaky for me.

The take away from this video which I learnt is, we can all think about the people we love everyday and cause the feelings within us to erupt even without a machine or a competition. Be grateful to the people who love you and be glad that we can love too, that’s what we are here to do.

Credits to:

  • Director: Brent Hoff
  • Producer: Malcolm Pullinger
  • Editor: Malcolm Pullinger
  • Cinematographer: Mo Gorjestani, Ryan Greeley
  • Original Music: The Pauses (Nathan Chase, Jason Kupfer, Tierney Tough)