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Why I do not need the Sony α7R / α7 cameras.

If you have not known yet, Sony has released their new cameras about a month back.

Here’s the video of the beautiful black cameras. For full specs of the camera α7R, click here.

And following are some points why I do not need the Sony α7R / α7 cameras.

1) As a filmmaker, having these cameras to shoot video, I will not ultilize the 36.4 Mega Pixels to the fullest potential.
2) I would not need the 60p frame rate to tell a better story.
3) There is no image stabilisation within the camera body.
4) The number of lenses for E-mount is limited and there is hardly any image stabilisation within the Alpha mount lenses too.
5) The cost of the α7R at S$2,799 means that I can get 2 second hand canon 5dm2 cameras and have change for flash cards (not including purchasing of lenses and accessories).
6) The time needed to familiarise with a new user interface may be costly.
7) The capability of the Magic Lantern in Canon outweighs the abilities of the camera.
8) There is no built-in ND filter.
9) I am curious about it overheating since most nex cameras of that size overheats.
10) I’m broke. (:

However the points above, you will be pleased to know that Sony does intended the α7R / α7 cameras to be used also for its video functionality as it is known to have clean HDMI output.

Here’s a short clip shot with the Sony α7R camera although I felt that it did not do justice to the camera as most of the shots were either sliding or on a tripod.