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Enter the Hyper Motion Cinema

What is the Hyper Motion Cinema (HMC)?

It is an animation format that is customised to showcase short film content. Currently HMC uses a mix of still photos, visual effects and animation to create the shorts.

For more information on HMC, do check them out at http://www.dsf.la/ . Their studio is at Hollywood.

I found the animated comic of 47 Ronin: The Samurai Spirit, refreshing as it isn’t the marvel style of comic book flipping but with nice switch of moving and still images. Here’s presenting their work with Universal Pictures, 47 Ronin: The Samurai Spirit

and of course, the original film trailer.

Different visual formats to tell a story. I prefer the one done with the Hyper Motion Cinema even though it may give a false impression of the actual finished final film as it does not use the same effects or cuts like the final film but looking at the standpoint of how marvel does their comic flips, I think it is still fine in this aspect. Fresh and interesting. Take your pick and let me know which is your favorite out of the two in terms of presentation.


Wedding Photo Slideshows – Facebook Timeline

It is pretty common to have wedding photo slideshows on your wedding day to show you and your partner’s childhood photos till the day you propose, take pre-wedding photos or even the day before your actual wedding day.

I have just shot a wedding on Saturday with the team from Alvinadeline and I have witness an amazing wedding photo slideshow done by the couple themselves. Using after effects and the comments made to them on their facebook timeline, they have created a one of a kind wedding photo slideshow which is pretty engaging as their photos and comments selected to be posted are of a good variety and appropriate.

As the slideshow I have seen on the wedding is not available online, allow me to share with you some other similar facebook theme timeline videos.

If you are interested in doing a similar facebook timeline slideshow for your wedding day, do check out http://videohive.net/item/timeline-story/2601481 where you can purchase the license at $30 and edit to you and your partner’s profile in adobe after effects.

The important part of using such templates for wedding photo slideshows is to work as a couple to make it as personalised as possible. Words and pictures that tell more than just how you look when you were young, photos that tell a story, how both of you met, and if you have developed feelings for each other then and so on would help in allowing your friends and relatives get an insight into your relationship.

Another facebook timeline style of video which I have found done by Rocket Science Productions MY (which I am presume they have done the interview clips within the slideshow)
Just one comment, if you are doing interview videos and you know that the person is sitting down not moving much, please do use a tripod!

And last of all, here’s leaving behind a music video of the song, 家後 which was sang by the bridesmaid, Renny  (1/5 of the Black Forest Band) on Saturday accompanied by Rebekah on the keys,

Wishing the couple, Junyi and Lingyi a blissful marriage and a great honeymoon in New York!