I’m very much a Asian Chinese guy. I guess it is not about how my skin color is but however, I stay to remember the words, 饮水思源. It means to remember your roots. If you are a tree bearing fruits, you need to remember the roots that help to provide the nutrients and helped you grow the strong and mighty you today. It didn’t come easy but you made it to be the big tree.

I was asked a year ago and a few months back to join a couple of video production companies, one of which does events highlights videography and the other does primarily wedding videography. Both companies that approached me are doing well and offered me a salary with at least S$1,000 more than what I am earning now, probably close to what I was getting as a finance manager back in the days at the University that I used to work. If I can get paid at a higher rate and do what I like, why not right?

The reason is simple. 饮水思源. Remembering your roots. I believe in this and the brotherhood of gangs that you see in Chinese films like 大上海. I have learnt alot from the company that I am in and am doing well improving and learning each day. I am glad that I am a part of them doing our best to craft the finest filmography. Well, I guess when you remember your roots, it also does show how much loyalty or faith anyone can have on this one person’s character also. That said, if the current predicament is stagnant and I am not growing or happy, I would definitely need to look out for better opportunities and this goes the same for everyone who reads this. It is a kind of responsibility to myself and of course, to continue to pay tribute and gratitude to the people who brought me far.

If you think that you are not growing in the company that you are working for, and not being valued as you should be, make the smart move and move on. Don’t wait till everyone that knows you tell you to. This is your life and have no whatsoever regrets in the path that you choose to take. Live each day and grow stronger, knowledgeable into the better you. Only when you make decisions for yourself, you will start to love life itself.


Enter the Hyper Motion Cinema

What is the Hyper Motion Cinema (HMC)?

It is an animation format that is customised to showcase short film content. Currently HMC uses a mix of still photos, visual effects and animation to create the shorts.

For more information on HMC, do check them out at http://www.dsf.la/ . Their studio is at Hollywood.

I found the animated comic of 47 Ronin: The Samurai Spirit, refreshing as it isn’t the marvel style of comic book flipping but with nice switch of moving and still images. Here’s presenting their work with Universal Pictures, 47 Ronin: The Samurai Spirit

and of course, the original film trailer.

Different visual formats to tell a story. I prefer the one done with the Hyper Motion Cinema even though it may give a false impression of the actual finished final film as it does not use the same effects or cuts like the final film but looking at the standpoint of how marvel does their comic flips, I think it is still fine in this aspect. Fresh and interesting. Take your pick and let me know which is your favorite out of the two in terms of presentation.

I’m not dating anyone even though I’m single

I'm not dating anyone even though I'm single


I have an announcement to make. I’m not dating anyone even though I’m single.

Okay. It is not really an announcement nor am I closing doors to a relationship.

This post is targeted to all single folks like myself even though I’m in the wedding industry doing videography and a huge bulk of my blog post is dedicated to lovebirds getting married.

Just because you are single, it doesn’t mean you are left out and don’t feel love at all. 

You have God, family and friends that care about you. Spend time and quality time with people that loves you. Compliment them. Build relationships. Pray for them. Make time for them and when you do, you will enjoy life as much as those that are dating or married. With the less than married life commitments, you are free to do work on your career, travel to places that you long to go, and live life to the fullest.

Don’t fret over where to go for your next dinner date or who is going to foot the bill. When you are single, you go dutch. You do not have to worry about whether your friends are having enough food as they will help themselves to the menu. You are able to be free to express your views and thoughts unlike dating when sometimes you have to put a ‘shield’ to protect yourself and give the other party a false impression about you. To understand more about what I mean, do check out this trailer of the upcoming Valentine’s Day movie, A Case of You:

I encourage you strongly to be yourself. Live your life to the fullest. Chase your dreams! unless of course your dreams like mine, is to find a loving partner.  =P

*This post is dedicated to all single people out there and especially to those who have read this: http://jarridwilson.com/im-dating-someone-even-though-im-married/ (:

Getting things right

Michael Cimino, well known American filmmaker aged 74 known for his Academy award winning film, The deer hunter. Not forgetting his biggest box office bomb after The deer hunter, Heaven’s Gate. I have yet to see the film, Heaven’s Gate but read reviews that it is not a bad piece like critics would have pinned it to be. Michael Cimino was written to be a dictator of a director and that there were killings of animals to make the 1980s film. The original cut was 219 minutes long and the revised cut which was aired much later at a cable TV was at 148 minutes which gave a better rating than the original.

What I found about the quote, “If you don’t get it right, what’s the point?” very true for us filmmakers be it in the wedding industry or any kind of work that we do. If you were to spend hours and hours to do something. Like in the case of Michael Cimino, he overran his budget several times to do a masterpiece which became a flop in box office. He stood by his beliefs at the cost of the ticket sales. Hence, to do anything right in the budgeted time span and cost, one has to first be good in his craft. If you are not good at what you do, why begin in the first place.

Pre-planning and  accounting for the work to be done before execution is also important. If the budget given is only so much to make a film and there’s only XX hours to film it, make full use of it and try your best to make it as right as anyone could have make it to be.

Here’s ending off with a trailer of the movie, Heaven’s Gate.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Movie Review

The Marked Ones

Oh yes, the fifth installment of this pretty predictable sequel is back. The very first film, Paranormal Activity was made for US$15,000 and grossed a whopping US$193 million worldwide. The subsequent installments were given a budget of US$5 million each time and needless to say, it made at least 25 times more which gives the investors a very worthwhile return.

The idea of having just a story and shooting it and making millions have become a dream come true for everyone. If your story is good and original, you will be able to go far and rich too. 😀

Okay, back to the movie. If you are not going to watch the movie, please continue reading. Otherwise, I probably may spoil the movie for you.




Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – The camera works, framing and composition is not the ideal of the kind you will expect in blockbusters as it is always stimulating a second person’s view from the camcorder who happens to either be the supporting or lead actor. The fun part of this movie which I found it enjoyable is the guns being used to ‘fire’ off the evil ones right at the end of the movie. As much as being a spin-off or a sequel that this movie is supposed to be, there were brief mentions of the characters Katie who happened to be the protagonist of the very first movie.

Other than the ghostly effects and all, the storyline is quite dull in my opinion due to the fact that there wasn’t a clear explanation of why the lead character, Jesse was the marked one except that he has became of age for the possession when he turns 18 (6 + 6 + 6).  There also wasn’t a strong enough good entity in this movie as compared to the other ones where the good forces tried their best to stop but of course failing.’

Overall, not a worthwhile movie to catch in my opinion, but if you must, I’m sure the trailer is all that you will need to know the story which will end the same way like the rest of the earlier series.

Writing a song is just like editing a video.

Above video is an episode of an original song competition where aspiring song writers stand on a platform to perform their original pieces to 4 great producers to place in their CD. When the song ends, the producers that released the front panel will have to convince the song writer to join him/her to perfect their song.

So how does it goes back to editing a video?

It makes people cry.

One of the song writers, Zhou San did it, http://youtu.be/AMfP51PrZdM?t=34m5s . This song is quoted to be a simple song but if you were to listen it, it is full of emotions and you can fill it from the singer. The story of the song, the loneliness, the helplessness that was felt is enough to imagine in Tanya’s (one out of the four producers) mind.

It goes the same with editing a video or filming one. Have a story. Feel the emotions. And if yours is a sad one, please make us tear be it being a simple story. Even if a wedding is a simple one, if you can bring out the essence by editing it to a suitable song, I’m sure people who knows the couple will be touched in their hearts for the matrimony of 2 hearts. (:

Should I have 1 or 2 Videographers for my wedding?

I was at BOWS wedding fair today at Dhoby Ghaut Green and met a few friends selling their wedding packages to the couples getting married. What intrigues me today was a conversation with a photographer trying to sell his partner’s package who is a videographer. It goes something like this:

Me: Do you guys offer actual day video packages?
Him: Yes we do. *shows me the rates
Me: Oh there is a different rate by these 2 videographers.
Him: Yes, one of them is more experienced and the other is the understudy of the experienced videographer.
Me: so there’s only one videographer for the packages offered?
Him: Yes. Only one videographer cause if there were 2 or more, they will CROSSFIRE.

okay. this led me thinking. Really?

Even if I were the sales person trying to promote 1 videographer, I would tactfully say that the one videographer would be able to cover the necessary angles to create a beautiful edited film than trying to say that 2 or more videographers will crossfire. In that case, I might as well just have a photographer and not videographer cause the photographer will have the videographer in his shot and it will go the other way round also which in actual fact it is unavoidable.

Crossfire will definitely bound to happen. It is the edit that removes the other party or making the other vendors within the video less obvious.

So should we have 1, 2 or more professional videographers  at the wedding?

The answer would be the type of wedding video look that you want to have. The reason for 2 or more videographers would mean more interesting angles (aerial and crane shots) achieved whereas 1 videographer would definitely have the main angle covered.  Having 2 or more videographers would also mean less jump cuts between each shot in the wedding clip. Whereas a good wedding filmmaker who shoots alone would have multiple cameras at important moments so that he/she would not miss the shot. In Singapore, the more videographers you engaged for your wedding means that the cost of hiring them would increase also. Hence, I would strongly advise each couple to spend within one’s limit even though it is a once in a lifetime event.