Writing a song is just like editing a video.

Above video is an episode of an original song competition where aspiring song writers stand on a platform to perform their original pieces to 4 great producers to place in their CD. When the song ends, the producers that released the front panel will have to convince the song writer to join him/her to perfect their song.

So how does it goes back to editing a video?

It makes people cry.

One of the song writers, Zhou San did it, http://youtu.be/AMfP51PrZdM?t=34m5s . This song is quoted to be a simple song but if you were to listen it, it is full of emotions and you can fill it from the singer. The story of the song, the loneliness, the helplessness that was felt is enough to imagine in Tanya’s (one out of the four producers) mind.

It goes the same with editing a video or filming one. Have a story. Feel the emotions. And if yours is a sad one, please make us tear be it being a simple story. Even if a wedding is a simple one, if you can bring out the essence by editing it to a suitable song, I’m sure people who knows the couple will be touched in their hearts for the matrimony of 2 hearts. (:


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