10 Reasons to Date a Wedding Filmmaker

Something that I came up while I asked someone out for a date. Hope it works out well though… 

1. You have someone to plan your wedding with you.

2. You do not worry about boring him out as he can keep himself occupied anywhere by thinking of possible camera angles and camera movement in the location he is at.

3. You do not need to get any camera for yourself as he will has his truckload of equipment.

4. You will watch the good movies as he probably knows which movie in the cinema is good to watch and doesn’t mind watching the second or third time with you.

5. You can leave the chores for him to do as he has most of the weekdays available to do them or even to accompany you to work and accompany you back.

6. You have beautiful video keepsakes when you travel or having an anniversary or when the child is having his/her birthday party.

7. He has many stories to tell about his wedding video adventures with his clients.

8. He is service oriented and will think of you from your perspective.

9. You do not need to worry about carrying your shopping bags as he is used to carrying heavy load.

10.  He is comfortable around people and can easily strike a conversation with your bosses or family.

Just feel free to add in the comment section more thoughts that could probably add to the list. Cheers! (:


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