Wedding Cake and Glasses

cake and glasses

This is an image taken from a wedding that I have attended yesterday. Something that is a common and familiar sight that everyone sees at every chinese banquet wedding in Singapore. The couple cuts the cake after the first march in and pops the champagne after the second march in. However, until recently, I found this placement of the cake and glasses pretty tight.

What do I mean? If I were a wedding planner myself which I am when I plan weddings with my couples, I will advice them to inform the banquet manager to move the glasses to the other side of the stage or remove them completely till the first march in is over. Switching positions of the cake and glasses may also do the trick for the above photo as the couple will be cutting the cake just behind the glasses which the photo may not turn out ideal. Even before the second march in, I would request for the cake to be moved to the corner of the stage or completely off if possible.

The rational for such a request is for the photographers and videographers of the wedding to capture beautiful photos for the couple. if the glasses were in the way, the image may not be as ‘clean’ as it could be unless a very tight crop was to be executed. In addition, with a tower of champagne at the bottom, it may cause an obstruction to people walking just in front of it. These are just my thoughts, if you think that having them both side by side is much efficient, you may keep their positions.

Have a great 2014! 😀


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