The best film of the year 2013

It’s the last day of the year for 2013. And for my favorite film of 2013. I bring to you, Cloud Atlas. A pretty much underrated film with amazing cuts and edits.

Cloud Atlas poster

A movie that intertwines 6 stories of different timeline together. How each story affects the one in the future. I would say it is a great piece of work that makes one think deeper at how they are all connected somehow. If you have yet to catch this movie, I highly recommend getting the dvd or borrow from a friend who has it. I also like how each actor takes on multiple roles in the different timelines which makes it unnoticeable done up by the amazing make up artists.

As a filmmaker myself, I have learnt alot from the movie in terms of the cuts, compositions and camera angles. And indeed, this is one good movie to learn from.

The trailer of the movie:

And a shout out to all readers: Happy New Year everyone!


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