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The best film of the year 2013

It’s the last day of the year for 2013. And for my favorite film of 2013. I bring to you, Cloud Atlas. A pretty much underrated film with amazing cuts and edits.

Cloud Atlas poster

A movie that intertwines 6 stories of different timeline together. How each story affects the one in the future. I would say it is a great piece of work that makes one think deeper at how they are all connected somehow. If you have yet to catch this movie, I highly recommend getting the dvd or borrow from a friend who has it. I also like how each actor takes on multiple roles in the different timelines which makes it unnoticeable done up by the amazing make up artists.

As a filmmaker myself, I have learnt alot from the movie in terms of the cuts, compositions and camera angles. And indeed, this is one good movie to learn from.

The trailer of the movie:

And a shout out to all readers: Happy New Year everyone!


Philip Bloom with barbie!

The Philip Bloom Barbie Camera Challenge proves to be a tough challenge indeed. Having to use the camera doll with the inbuilt fixed focal length lens and resolution of 240p at 15fps is pretty ridiculous. But well, if an acclaimed filmmaker can come out with something with a camera that small, I’m sure we can do better with out 5dm2 or camcorders.

If you are interested in getting the doll with camera, do check out:

More important take away from the video is how we can learn from Philip on the creativity and professionalism in his directing and usage of sticks to sxtend the reach of barbie to create a jib like shot.

Also, the focus for video or film is all about the content. To make the content flow like a story. Hence, knowing the locations and events he has to shoot within a day, he planned to put them together with the female lead and her barbie doll. It was ingenious also for him to use perspective shots also from Barbie to simulate her own view. To find out more from Philip Bloom and his challenge, do visit his blog at

I do hope everyone will realise that video is all about content, and not about the camera you use. Although one can do much more with a better camera with low light, sensitivity, resolution, etc.

Lastly, I believe that this is one of the toughest challenge by DigitalRev and I do wonder if the sales does increase for the barbie doll video girl. 😀

Wedding Trilogy

Flew over to Kuala Lumpur over the weekend to film a wedding with Alvin. Had a great time with Anthony from Let there be light photography and the wedding planners, Kim and Gloria from Wedding Concierge.

Why a wedding trilogy? Cause it is broken down to 3 parts. The first was the solemnisation at Capella Singapore in Jan 2013.  The next was the dinner banquet at Grand Dorsett Subang, Kuala Lumpur and finally, the last part will be the gatecrash and dinner banquet at St Regis at the end of the month. It is truly my privilege  to be part of their 3 days wedding. I love how the guests react to our videos played during the banquet with joy and happiness for the couple which the team from Alvinadeline made for them.

I also love the couple and their family’s hospitality and attentiveness to our needs during our stay at their hometown in Malaysia. That’s what makes our job as a wedding filmmaker much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Even after the banquet, there were some guests who came to us to tell us that they like the video very much and the editing was excellent. I’m confident that the company will continue to excel in this field and do our best for all our couples. (:

Here’s ending off with a video from my company, not related to the wedding Trilogy though, Derek & Pearl.

Wedding Videos with VFX

I met Kelvin at Boracay at our trip to Mayad Academy 5 more than a year ago and he was trying to carve out a niche in the wedding industry in Singapore. Fast forward to today, he has been creating pre-wedding videos like no other with the fanciful special forces uniforms, gun effects, explosions, heroes and a fair share of zombies in them. In his latest edition, he has Marvel super heroes and a handful of X-men mutants fighting for the ring of the Green Lantern.

A pretty lengthy video to be played at the banquet I must say. Love the effects and effort done up by Kelvin and his team. For the bloopers, do catch the below.

If creating wedding videos with effects is what that interest you, do find him at Vfx is something that I like and creating wedding videos with them will definitely add to the entertainment value to the banquet. It needs alot of effort and a dedicated team of vfx team to do a very good hollywood blockbuster kind of effects.

For me, incorporating effects into video would be only be used for the added story telling function. Every scene, every cut and every effect needs to tell the audience something. If there isn’t any new information or if it feels like an excess, it may not be as good as omitting it out. If I were to get married (I’m currently single though), I would like to have a film that gives a message to my guests and generations who watches it. Something that may be thought provoking and not necessarily be about how I met my wife to be and got lovey dovey and such. After all, that is what I feel a video should be. To convey a message.