Revisiting Jianhong & Jennifer’s Wedding Day

Filmed a wedding in July 2013 while my starting promo package was less than S$1,000 for a full day wedding videography . The photographers who shot the wedding of Jianhong and Jennifer were a team of 2, formally from 1950 Photography, and now they are known as TOP Photography. I’m glad the couple, of which, the groom used to be my ex-colleague before I left to do videography full time managed to find them to do the photos as they were experienced in this field. In addition, I was thankful to have them trusting me with their wedding day videography despite the limited portfolio work I have then. Appreciate the kind words I received from them too.

thank you message

Looking through the almost 300 photos uploaded at the photographers’ facebook page, here are the 10 photos that I find a keeper and my personal favourite.

prayers to ancestors

bride’s entourage

groom’s entourage

bringing her home


sealed with a kiss

cake cutting




All images above credit to TOP Photography.

And of course, the videos shot by yours truly:

the morning highlights.

and the dinner banquet highlights.

If you are interested in engaging me for your actual day wedding, please do check out True Love Stories at

Here’s leaving one last photo taken by the team of TOP Photography of me at work. 🙂

me at work


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