I’m getting married, do you do photos?

I get this question pretty frequent when I have moved on to do videography full time. I have requests from friends and past clients asking me if I can take photos for them for their events, buildings and portraits. More often than not, I will forward my friends who are doing photography to them. It is pretty heart warming when they complimented that they like my photos that I took very much. Well, the thing is, I still take photos. Just not paid. If you do ever see photos that I post on my facebook account, they are probably done either on a pro-bono basis or just for the fun of it like a hobby. When it is done out of fun, I do not have any obligation to deliver as many photos as I would probably be contractual to give which some clients want everything that you take.

As much as I do it for the fun of it for people, I would very much to have them as a friend, to appreciate what I have done and maybe offer me a cup of coffee at the very least. There were many instances where I have been too kind, and I have learnt the hard way but I’m glad I have friends like Dawn.

Here’s some photos that I have shot for her in 2013:

Dawn Wong at Artistry

Dawn and her friends performing at Uke Fiesta at Chijmes

Sidewalk Orleans at the Esplanade

The Cafe Show at Loysel’s Toy

On one hand, while not being able to take photos for income is tied to the company’s policy that I’m in, on the other, if I am still shooting photos, I probably wouldn’t have as much time as I have to invest my time in crafting the perfect wedding film. Make sense doesn’t it?


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