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Wanna learn Wedding Cinematography?

Check out next week’s for the 3 day lessons to Wedding Cinematography by Ray Roman from 25 Nov 2013.

Wedding Cinematography Crash Course (image taken from CreativeLive promo video)

For more information, check out the course here:

Mentioned as the top 10 wedding cinematographers in the world, if you are fresh in doing wedding videos, this would be the absolutely must watch.

Sometimes I wonder what happens when the top cinematographers come to Singapore to shoot a typical chinese wedding cause of the extremely harsh lighting in the day and the fast paced schedule unlike those in the west.


Busy November

Tomorrow marks the last wedding assignment of the month before I enlist for my reservist in the Singapore Armed Forces as a Military Policeman for 1 week from next Tuesday. On what I do when I go back for my reservist, well, it is classified.

Anyway, I look forward to the interesting Indian Wedding tomorrow as the groom made his own arrangement on the song that he would like for us to use for the wedding highlights video. The song is a mash up of 5-6 different songs that spans for a total of up to 6 mins long. After giving our feedback on the song, the song was fine tuned and we hope that we can work magic out of the video that we will be producing after the wedding.

Here’s a video of a wedding that I shot in early October 2013

The interesting thing about shooting this wedding of Michael & Ashley under the brand name, True Love Stories was, having to shoot a church wedding alone after being trained for 1 year under the guidance of the good people at Alvinadeline. If you have shot weddings especially in churches, you would know that it isn’t easy especially going for different angles and capturing vows at the same time. Planning the only march in also took alot of time before the wedding day as I was accustomed to shooting a church wedding in a team of 2 videographers. It was fun and I am glad I managed to deliver what I deemed as a good video after all the months of training. The film was shot with a total of 3 cameras by 1 videographer, myself.

Agents of Shield – Cleaning Thor’s Mess

So if you have caught Thor: The Dark World, you may wanna catch this coming episode’s of Agents of Shield. Here’s a sneak preview of the episode: 

I love the way how the story gets together between the movie and the tv screen and it gives the time perspective of the drama and makes the whole drama feels related to the original franchise even as audience we may know it as an arc. 

That’s one thing about filmmaking or even doing drama serials. You gotta engage with your audience and let them feel into the story. Give personalities into characters not just words.

The Annual Love Competition

This is a documentary video of using the fMRI machine to determine the amount of love being resonated from each person.

Take a look at the video at this link:

Simple video that starts with the introduction of the contestants, and their strategy for thinking about who they love to increase their results. It ends with the results of the first two winners. Personally, I find the handheld camera shake a little too shaky for me.

The take away from this video which I learnt is, we can all think about the people we love everyday and cause the feelings within us to erupt even without a machine or a competition. Be grateful to the people who love you and be glad that we can love too, that’s what we are here to do.

Credits to:

  • Director: Brent Hoff
  • Producer: Malcolm Pullinger
  • Editor: Malcolm Pullinger
  • Cinematographer: Mo Gorjestani, Ryan Greeley
  • Original Music: The Pauses (Nathan Chase, Jason Kupfer, Tierney Tough)

Good and Bad Cinema

Iranian director, Abbas Kiarostami who directed LIke Someone in Love, a French-Japanese film that competed in the 2012 Cannes Film Festival has the above to say about Good and Bad Cinema. To add, bad cinema may just be shots or cuts that doesn’t make any story flow. No continuity, no meaning to the film. Every shot has no purpose or direction that doesn’t help in the story telling process of the film. Good Cinema doesn’t force you to believe that what you are viewing is real. You just get engross in it and choose to let your imagination run wild while being sink into it.

Guests, please put your cameras down or at the very least, stay within your seats to take pictures.

Guests, please put your cameras down or at the very least, stay within your seats to take pictures. Yes. I do have my fair share of uncle Bobs and auntie Janes coming around during weddings to get into the action to take photos or videos during weddings.

During my meet ups with couple, I encourage them to have their guests for their wedding to stay within their seats while taking pictures or videos if they must as with new technology, almost everyone has a camera within their reach.

I am fine even if at the end of the day, the photos or video did not turn out as good as it could be due to the fact that the couple allowed Bob and Jane to help cover the wedding. In a recent wedding, I have informed the emcee during the rehearsal and on the actual day about informing the guests to stay within their seats during the church ceremony if they wish to take photos/video. Instead, on the actual day, the emcee informed me that they will not announce it as the couple who was aware, were sure that Bob and Jane will not be moving up to take photos/videos because it did not happened in the past ceremonies. and the guests were known to be very orderly. In the end, I’m sure everyone knows what happened. (:

If you are getting married and have spent thousands of dollars on videography and photography for your wedding day, please help yourself by inviting your guests to enjoy themselves and not working part time as a photographer or videographer.

Please do not regret if all the cuts and photos you see in your video has uncle bob or auntie Jane.

Here’s leaving a video to explain it all.

A Love Story Unfolds – Derek & Joanna

Filmed this short film about a month back and it was played at the lunch banquet of the couple to tell their love story.

Although Filming takes just one day, discussion, pre conceptualisation, story boarding and  post production took about 8 days at my end. This story is what they would want to show, about how they met  at Temasek Polytechnic and got together despite knowing each other presence in school during their polytechnic days, they did not develop a liking for each other until when they met again through a friend when Joanna is in University and Derek had completed his army.

As time was a limiting factor, dialogues were not included in this clip as reciting them would translate into more takes and from the clip, you would be able to know the story without them too.

As true as this story is, the scenes that I included on my own are the traffic light scenes. The first scene was them going their own ways and the last was to signify them getting together.

I hope you enjoy watching the film as I enjoy making it work.