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I have a fair share of mishaps too…

< Ultimate Cameraman Fails Compilation 2013 || Uniformedia >

Though my cameras are not as big as you see in the video above, In all things that we do besides being a cameraman, one word of caution is to be careful. To be aware of our surroundings when we work and play.

In the above video, my favourite clip was the last shot with the crane and the car came into it’s position and topple it. Many of this could be avoided if you know where the subject that you are filming is going to stand or move.

My wedding day mishaps includes knocking over chairs, tripping over things, hitting myself against altars outside apartments and dropping camera equipment. I do hope this would be the last of the mishaps that I have, else I would have more stories to tell and that would definitely not be about love.


Why a wedding filmmaker?

Hi world. My name is Benny which you would have probably know if you are reading this. I’m currently a wedding filmmaker at True Love Stories, a sister company of Alvinadeline Weddings.

As I was heading home from work today, it dawn onto me why would anyone else be a wedding filmmaker? or in Singapore, we can call ourselves as videographer.

Technically, both a filmmaker and videographer’s job are almost the same. We create videos for our clients be it corporate or couples getting hitched and would like to have their wedding day documented on film.

So the question comes to my mind. Why a wedding filmmaker?

For myself, I am able to answer with ease. I would want to document a wedding couple’s happiest moment in their life. The day when they pledge their love to one another. The day where everyone is happy. Besides that, I want to like for my wedding clients and people who view those videos know that true love or love itself between people exist.; be it parents and children or husband and wife.

I was a finance manager in a research centre in a local university in Singapore before jumping the bandwagon to do wedding videography with the team at Alvinadeline Weddings. If it wasn’t for Alvinadeline, I would probably not have chose to leave my job then. You may wish to take a look at their works and you will know why.

For the past few years, I have watched countless of wedding videos, many touched my heart and many made me wonder why did the videographer chose to do this full time.

If you do engage any wedding filmmaker or videographer for your wedding, do ask him/her why they chose to leave their previous occupation to pursue wedding filmmaking.